Image Requirements

6-10 images

JPG format

sRGB color profile

Allowed sizes (flexible rules)

Portrait: 8.5 × 11 in, 300 dpi (2550 × 3300 px)

Landscape: 17 × 11 in, 300 dpi (5100 × 3300 px)

Must be exclusive and unpublished


Winter Issue: 

Glitz, Glitter, Glam



December 13th

email us at:

· All editorials must have 4-6 different looks.

· All submitted images must belong to you or with the written permission from the author.

· For fashion submissions, wardrobe credits are required. For beauty submissions, makeup credits are required. Team credits are essential for all submissions, we won’t accept your submissions without team credits. We won’t be held accountable for any missing or mis-spelt credit. Be sure to double check that all persons involved in the submission are included in the credits and their names are spelt correctly. If for any reason a submission is published and an individual/s credit is missing, the person who submitted the feature will be held responsible. Along with model’s name, be sure to list the agency name.

· We DO NOT accept material that includes full nudes, smoking, pictures that incite violence, racism or xenophobia. 

By submitting to Plastiq to publish your work, you grant us the permission to use your work in any of our publications, websites, videos, marketing pieces, advertisements, and any other mediums or formats used in the creation, dissemination, and monetization of Plastiq Magazine

Once a submission is accepted by Plastiq Magazine, it must not be published in any other magazine, website, blog and social media networks. Once we realize that the images are published in these mediums before the particular issue is being released, we reserve the right to pull that submission from our issue without your consent.

Upon reviewing submissions, Plastiq reserves the rights to accept or deny any submission we receive. Submissions are reviewed based on their content, quality and relevance.


(exclusive for Plastiq Magazine for 3 months)
~send between 6 and 20 medium res photos. ~4 to 10 looks. If you get accepted we will email you with instructions.

***All submissions MUST be unpublished. There are no exceptions to this, exclusivity is an absolute..


Your Rights

 You will always retain the copyright to your images. By submitting your work to Plastiq and agreeing to having it published, you are simply offering us the rights to use your images online and on our social media platforms. We will always credit you as the photographer whenever we use your images. 

Once you submitted, we assume that everyone involved in the shoot approves to have the images published in Plastiq Magazine. It is your duty to make sure that everyone is aware of your submission and agrees with it. Plastiq Magazine reserves the right to select what photos get published from the series you submit. Since the magazine is 8.5x11, we reserve the right to crop your images that do not fit that size, in order to fit the magazine layout/design.


By allowing Plastiq Magazine LLC to publish your work, you grant us permission to use your work in any of our publications, websites, marketing material, advertisements, videos, and any other media or formats used in the creation, dissemination, and monetization of Plastiq Magazines content. We reserve the right to deny or accept any submission based on available space, content and quality.


We do not pay for submissions or the publication of full or partial content of any kind. Any expenses or costs of your contribution are at your own risk and expense, unless hired or discussed prior to the shoot with our Editor-in-Chief. 


Any content you submit to Plastiq must not be previously published in any other magazine, blog, webzine, on Instagram/Facebook or online anywhere else. If you post this work anywhere prior to submitting to us and/or after Plastiq has published your work, we reserve the right to pull the story from our editorial line-up without your consent. Plastiq Magazine holds exclusive publishing rights to our content permanently in print or for the duration of time that the editorial appears on our site. 


Include Instagram handles for the creative team as well, to ensure tagging/crediting on social media teasers. Please ensure that all fashion and team credits are correct, as Plastiq Magazine takes no responsibility for errors in material issued, or for the publication of erroneous details. Wardrobe credits should be sent in a separate PDF document, with needs to be included within the folder along with the images. 


Due to the high volume of submission that we receive daily, we do not have time to respond to submissions that are not suitable for us. We respond only to submissions that we accept for publishing. 


Lastly, since we have a curated Instagram Feed, we do not guarantee promotion on this social platform immediately upon publishing, and in few cases, online editorials may be published to our site only. 


Thank you, Plastiq Team