Who’s Cuffing Who?

As we’re swiftly exiting out of the summer season and shutting down, “Hot Girl & Hot Boy Summers” we’re about to approach into what people would call “cuffing season”. Now, what your season is going to be looking like? Well, that’s on you to determine, but I wanted to break down a few of my favorite and fresh couples that have recently hit the scene and are displaying their love for everyone to see. Cheers to them kicking off their new season of love and here’s to the hopes that they make it past the chilly months!



Now, pictures just dropped recently of Kehlani and YG on Instagram of them attending New York Fashion Week and when asked by reporters of their relationship, Kehlani simply replied with an “mhmm”, but according to tweets by Kehlani, their relationship has been 5 years in the making. But shortly after, Kehlani dropped the infamous picture of them boo’d up at dinner with the caption “cats out the bag”. YES, IT IS, SIS AND WE LOVE IT! YG returned the photo favor by posting a picture of the 2 of them on a couch dressed to the nines with the caption “Baelani”. Is your heart swooning for this West Coast love story yet? Much love to Oakland and Compton, too. But, besides sharing a very obvious love of tattoos, the two are also parents. Kehlani is a mom to 6- month old Adeya and YG is the dad to 4-year old Harmony and 2-month old Vibe. While this relationship is brand new to us, it’s still giving all the feels and I’m keeping a close eye on this cute couple to see where they’re at. Let’s raise a glass of whatever you’re sipping on to this fresh West Coast love story saga.


Fans were genuinely upset and disappointed with the good sis Meg when it came to light that she was beginning a relationship with Memphis-native rapper, Moneybagg Yo. For fans, it came off a little disrespectful and off-putting for the ringleader of “Hot Girl Summer” to seemingly go against the grain and be in a whole relationship.


However, some, not everyone, have seemed to come around to the 2 being in a relationship especially after the Houston Hottie posted on her InstaStory, “You can have a hot girl summer and still have a man on the side....who said you have to choose?” Obviously you are NOT, Ms. Meg! Meg and Moneybagg first started giving off hints when they were seen on quite a few Instagram Lives together and Moneybagg posted videos naming Meg as his #WCW. Fans were also disappointed in her choosing him to be her man in the first place after calling him out on his multiple children by multiple women and worried if she would be next. Meg has no plans of having kids and she and Moneybagg seems to be doing just fine together. Obviously, Hot Girl Meg is not checking for what anyone has to say and she shouldn’t. Live your life, sis! Here’s to another rapping king and queen dynamic duo and hoping that they prosper!



He didn’t make to the Bachelor in Paradise, but it’s still been paradise for Tyler Cameron since ending his time and relationship with Hannah Baker, the most recent “Bachelorette”. He begins a relationship with the model, Gigi Hadid. This relationship is really a surprising one because most Bachelor(ette) Nation cast members either find love with another reject whether it be on Paradise or another version of the franchise that they come up with for them. And should that not be an option for them, depending on how much fan love they received they could become the next “Bachelor” or “Bachelorette”. This is a surprising sight to see one of the nations move on to someone not in that circle. HERE FOR IT THOUGH! I sometimes get tired of seeing the same cast members recycled time-after-time. Anyway, after Hannah ended her relationship with Tyler on the show in May, they came back together on the “Final Rose” episode and agreed to at least get drinks together. Since then, they have gotten drinks, but in the middle of that, Cameron and Hadid had already followed each other on Twitter and had some dates themselves. Apparently, it stuck! Hadid and Cameron have been seen out together hitting the streets of New York and even hitting some double dates, like that one time they hung out with Serena Williams. Yeah! Because EVERY Bachelor Nation cast member has done that before! Well, leading up to today, Gigi has reportedly been helping Tyler look for apartments in NY close to hers. Now, there’s no talk of marriage yet, however moving to NY and trying to move close seems pretty serious. Here’s to two pretty gorgeous people that are Gigi and Tyler, working to make their love sustain!


This is my ultimate favorite right now! I mean I’m swooooooning and so happy for the both of them. Jeannie has entered her first relationship since splitting with her husband of 10 years, Freddie Harteis. Jeannie and Jeezy have been dating reportedly for a year now, so it’s just fresh news to us, but friends around them have said that they’re so happy with each other and it’s going really well. They first had romance rumors going around in January and Jeannie played it really cool while on her talk


show The Real. She said, “He’s very special to me,” and, “We’re just having a good time together.” The two reportedly connected on the common ground of having a passion to serve the community and wanting to pour back into the lives of others. Jeannie’s goal is to empower women and she also is a big advocate against human trafficking and fights for victims of sexual assault. Jeezy serves the community through his Street Dreamz Foundation, a non-profit organization that encourages a generation of at-risk youth to become effective leaders. The two made their social media debut a couple of weeks ago when they were attending his inaugural SnoBall Gala, a gala to raise funds for his non-profit. Jeannie was dressed in a shimmering white gown and Jeezy was dressed like a king in his tux. The energy between the two of them in multiple photos exuded sophistication, happiness, pure joy, laughter, and love. Not only do they really look super cute together, but ultimately, I’d love to see them thrive.

By Nia I. Williams @__queenniaa