The 8th Vision Community Foundation Gala: A Regal Affair


Melanin skin, royal garments, and chic decor; these were just a few things that encompassed the 8th Vision Community, Foundation Gala. On June 22, 2019, I had the pleasure of attending the exquisite affair, and upon arrival - I was immediately consumed with a sense of grandeur. This year’s theme was “Royal Imagination: The Revolution of Fashion & Style” and absolutely nothing short of amazing was rendered. The entire ambiance was composed of eminence and governance. As I worked the red carpet, obtaining interviews and angles - I had to stop and simply process the magic that was taking place around me. From insightful and intellectual dialogue about the positive significant impact that the black and LGBTQIA community are now reaping in Hollywood - to the unity and support so evidently displayed amongst the crowd. From daintily detailed designs -


to ensembles that served from the hills from which cometh my help - City Hall was truly filled with black magic and excellence. Sheryl Lee Ralph, Terri J. Vaughn, Genise Shelton, and T.C. Carson were just a few of the phenomenal leaders who were in attendance. Now we all know, “we got a Mayor named Keisha” - and she was beaming with joy as she navigated her way through the regal extravaganza. The annual celebration honors a select group of individuals and organizations that have made outstanding achievements in the arts, media, ministry, community service, and government arenas throughout their lifetime. It’s imperative that we highlight people in the community who are working to promote the advancement and overall wellness of our culture and future. It was truly an honor to have attended such an amazing gala curated for my people - by my people. Imagine that. Envision being in a space so dynamic, that you inevitably reciprocate the energy. After attending the affair, I left feeling extremely inspired. The energy that I received not only motivated me to live fearlessly and unapologetically in my truth - but it also reminded me that we are truly the change we want to see, and our culture is a force to be reckoned with. Here we had black men and women owning, and standing in their eccentric, yet authentic creations. As I gazed around, the cohesiveness was truly astonishing. There were a variety of social realms and campaigns that were present, and it was beautiful to witness everyone’s worlds collide for the greater good. The power and encouragement in the room was contagious, and I want to share it with you. Don’t forget to dream, and never be afraid to dream aloud. Your voice matters and your purpose is needed for the prosperity of our community. Though this year’s theme was royal imagination, there was nothing fictional about the regal excellence that consumed the atmosphere in City Hall that evening.

Written By: Jessica Payne @_gojessiigo