Sammi Haynes is an entrepreneur respected by many as a media powerhouse. His vast experience in branding, public relations, and entertainment have awarded him many distinguished titles and opportunities. Interviewing talent, styling celebrities, and planning creative events may seem like an easy and glamorous life. However, his path to getting here continues to be one of hard-work, humility, and faith. 


Sammi originally thought New York City would be the place that birthed his dreams. He came with high hopes and big plans, but was quickly forced to change course. “Even with a college degree and experience no one wanted to give me a chance,” Sammi recounts. He continued to look for opportunities, and eventually secured one meeting. In the interview he was praised for being highly skilled and talented, but still was not offered the role. He left with tears streaming down his face feeling very defeated. However, there was one nugget he kept from the embarrassing experience. The interviewer mentioned he should relocate to the growing city of Atlanta. This moment would actually be a major turning point in his career. 


Shortly after, he moved to Atlanta and began working with April Love as her personal assistant. He used the time to learn the business, gain industry contacts, and network. The Southern charm and city feel quickly grew on him, and he began to make quite a name for himself. Sammi worked with companies like BET, TV One, and more. It was experiences like these that led him to becoming the Editor-in-Chief of Sheen Magazine.



He lives by the motto, “If God made you an original, don’t die a copy.” It is this belief system that drove him to be so impactful during his time at the magazine. He made many connections and reached outside the box to secure interviews.“I wanted us to be different. I was determined to make it a global premier publication.” His hard work paid off as the magazine started to secure major talent. Memorable covers included the cast of The Real, Lynn Whitfield, Niecey Nash, Jay Ellis, and more. With this type of success he could have easily become complacent, but entrepreneurship was calling him. 


On July 31, 2018 he made the major decision to leave the publication and step out on faith. A month following, he was questioning himself, and wondering if it was the right decision. There were many growing pains and trying times, but with hard work and lots of prayer he prevailed. 


Today he makes others feel good internally and externally through motivational speaking, and styling some of our favorite celebrities. His newest venture is ”The Love Freedom Movement: A Platform for Creatives to Connect and Influence.”  It features business events (conferences), the love freedom space (positive area for worship/positivity), and motivational conference calls. He also was recently granted the opportunity to run a production studio in Alpharetta Georgia, the space will be available in late November. When asked what advice he has for upcoming creatives Sammi says, “Be persistent, study what others do, and remember relationships are important.  A good name is everything. Preserve your name, presence, and legacy.” 


To keep up with Sammi and the Love Freedom Movement, visit and . You can also keep up with him on social media at @sammihaynesinc and @lovefreedommovement.