Now That I Have Your Attention​: The Marnique Rogers Story

Marnique Rogers, author of “Now That I Have Your Attention” sounded all too excited to speak with me about her new endeavors in the mental health space. After speaking with her publicist throughout the week I have to admit I too was very anxious to speak with the young writer to find out the motivations behind the decision to tell her story.

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Rogers let me know early on in our conversation that growing up her emotions impacted a lot of the decisions she made in her everyday life. Those emotions were fueled by a myriad of experiences including the abuse she endured via her uncle, exposure to addicts, family secrets and other generational curses that plagued her family.

As it turns out, her book “Now That I Have Your Attention” was the therapy that she needed to recover after hitting rock bottom. Escaping to her father’s home in Ohio it was a Jidenna concert that thrust Rogers into the reality that she was running from. The concert forced her to take her time away from New York to pick apart her life and analyze occurrences that she could have prevented, responsibilities that she needed to take, and the depression that she needed to confront.

This confrontation led Rogers to her writing process. From vision boards to learning the ins and outs of the Chakra system, Rogers compiled a manuscript that promoted an alternative to antidepressants and medication and promoted open communication and forgiveness, a task that was not taken lightly. After delaying her forgiveness and jumping through mental hurdles Rogers used her book to harness the power she had to release from her abusers. She says that she finally stopping expecting an apology from her family members that were never going to give on and instead found a way to lean on God by relating her faith to the Chakra rainbow and embracing both even more. Although not a licensed therapist, this way of healing led her to dealing with her depression, grow closer with her mother, and finally publish her book.

“Now That I Have Your Attention” is now being toured around the US and is listed on Amazon as one of its top sellers. Rogers successfully creates parallels between herself and her readers while simultaneously offering them holistic ways to heal. These readers include other young people who normalize clinical depression and depersonalization and struggle to be more vocal.

The tour kicked off at the Syracuse Mental Health Summit with the Boys and Girls Club earlier this month and Rogers has no plans on slowing down. Already in the beginning stages of her next book, the author says the untitled work will provide its readers with ways to heal and

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identify mental health concerns via past and present tense stories that she’s curated to speak to the experience of all adolescents suffering in silence.

Written by: Chay Rodriguez