Mr. Curtis Lovejoy: Amazing, Humble & Dope

Q: Can you please tell us who is Mr. Curtis Lovejoy?

A: The first thing that comes to my mind is, love-able, humble but dope. Sometimes I do the unthinkable and try to build a transparent life. What you see is what you get.

Q: You allowed a life-altering event, to become life-changing. Going from being afraid to swim to conquering your fears and now mastering the water, how did that feel the first time you did it on your own?

A: It was amazing, to say the least. One thing about the water, you have to learn how to respect it. When I began to do that  I knew that this is what God had set for my life. 

Q: What motivated you to go for it and join the Paralympics?

A: It all began with God saying “swim.”  I had never heard of it at all until after my accident. I decided to research it myself. 

Q: How does it feel to be a 9-time gold medalist?

A: Once I won the first medal it was like I really knew I had a calling on my life. It was amazing. People 5 and 10 years down the line recognized me. I felt like I inspired people. So it means that you share the moment with everyone you come in contact with. The feeling can sometimes seem unexplainable but you always remember the moment.

Q: You also hold the 13 records and are the number 1 fencer in the world, how does that feel? 

A: It’s unexplainable. No other person has held 13 world records. That’s the part that amazes me. I’m honored but I know for a fact that I did not get them by myself. It was by the grace of God. When he said I will make your name great and transcend around the world, he meant it. 

Q: What lead you into fencing and why were you open to even attempt it?  

A: I was in the pool swimming with a guy named Joe Mueller. He asked me to try the wheelchair fencing. I didn’t think I could do it because of the paralysis in my fingers. But I decided to go for it the more he talked about it.  It was a great way to release anger.

Q: Seeing that you turned such a tragic moment to an empowering and motivating moment, what advice would you give someone that isn’t sure how to push through or find that thing to help them turn their life back to see the good? 

A: Life is full of transitions and ups and downs. People who have never been through anything don’t last long in the world.  They crumble. Trials and tribulations only make you stronger but you have to stay around positive people and find our purpose in life. Doors open with purpose. 

Q: You mentioned some time back that you were going to write a book and you have, can you tell us more about “Just a little Love & Joy”? When is the official release date?

A: In my eyes, the book is a story hidden from the American people and the black community. When people read this book they always tell me that they never knew that I had experienced these things. My listed medals and records are not necessarily made public to the community if you look on swimming websites. My accomplishments would be about 14 pages long. They don’t show the world that so I had to put it out there. This is my story of triumph. I want people to know that you can be great no matter what. 

Q: Have you or do you plan to have a book tour, if you are, where can people find information regarding the cities and tour dates? 

A: Everything about me and upcoming appearances can be found at I will also be discussing my booking during my induction into the Atlanta Sports Hall of Fame.

Q: What next for you Mr. Lovejoy?

A: I am currently preparing for the next Olympics in 2020.

Q: How can people continue to follow you? 

A: My website is, Curtis Lovejoy on Facebook and @clovejoy987 on Instagram