Mind & Body Fitness: A Balanced Lifestyle

If you are like most of us that have set out on the journey of adopting a new lifestyle that includes healthier eating habits and taking a no nonsense approach towards your own workout regimen – whether it be due to doctors orders or chasing that ever elusive “summertime fine”. There can be a tremendous amount of misconception on just how to approach health & wellness. Simply remembering that fitness of the body and mind are synonymous, so by redefining exercise as any activity that connects the body with the mind. Here are a couple of ways to create your own personal fitness program that will not only promote your physical but also your mental well being.

Yoga: A fairly new concept to western fitness, yoga re-emerged from its early 11th century origin as this new way to be more mentally aware of your body. Yoga teaches how the body moves, focuses on proper breathing while developing a sense of your own inner awareness. Introducing yoga as another option in your arsenal of fitness will contribute to your overall sense of well being. Other benefits include being more in tune with your body creating a better body image that you have for yourself. It’s like perpetual motion so before you know it you’d have adopted better eating habits, better weight management, and lower blood pressure, an overall reduction in stress, increased muscle strength and flexibility.

Weight Training: By far one of the most effective ways to improve cardiovascular health, improve balance, fight diseases such as hypertension & diabetes. Along with the many health related reasons to implement weight training are the mental attributes. Such attributes include improving symptoms of clinical depression, obesity and anxiety. Finally, and in my humble opinion, the most important of these being weight training also teaches mental perseverance. When you are pushing yourself to your limit and everything in you says “stop” but you extend yourself to do one more rep!! Then of course there’s the vanity of it all that each of us, even if only little, want. Plain and simple, resistance weight training is hands down the best way to get that more firm, lean, aesthetically fit body.

What does this all mean for me you ask? Understanding that your fitness journey is your own and recognizing that mind and body fitness are equally important when establishing a more happy and healthy lifestyle.

Daren Jackson

IG: @entro2dfitlife