How to Determine If Your Friend is In Your Circle or Corner

When I was younger it was very easy for me to give a peer the “friend” title. If a person attended
the same school, lived in my neighborhood, or had similar interests they quickly became a
“friend." I recall one day complaining about how one of those “friends” didn’t defend me in an argument. And my mother looked directly in my eyes and said, “that girl ain’t your friend.” It was like a shield had been lifted off my eyes. She was right. This individual caused me more pain than happiness and very rarely was supportive during times when I needed genuine companionship. As I grew

up and life took me through more experiences, I realized that true friendship is non-judgmental, supportive and compassionate.

Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with the women of Closet Chats, a new 20 minute digital talk show that takes place in a glamorous walk in closet. It’s hosted by beautiful career women, Earlene Buggs, Felicia Henderson, and Christina Murray. The three are best friends with a passionate and diverse view on society, business, and womanhood. In our conversation we chatted about friendship, girl power, and the future of Closet Chats.

Closet chats 2.jpg

In your own words what is Closet Chats?
Basically, it’s the conversations women are having. Sometime the topics are serious, sometimes they’re funny. But they are real life convos based on our real journeys.

What’s it like hosting a talk show with your best friends?
Us being friends is the best part of the show. Other shows put people together and try to build something. Our connection is deeper than us being women. We are actual friends. We have history.

I recall you all discussing that bond in one of your episodes. Can you explain the
difference between a friend being in your circle vs. your corner?
Everyone is connected in some way, but we must be careful not to mistake a connection for friendship. People in your corner are in the corner of your heart. They are your sisters. A connection may be simply a peer in your circle.
Earlene: If I can bare my soul to you and let you know the deepest parts of me, you’re in my corner. But if we just spend time or go to lunch occasionally, you’re in my circle. Your corner is deeper, these are the people you survived a hard time with and possibly disagreements.

You guys seem to be very transparent in your conversations and candor, why is that important to you?
We’re leading women, and we want to inspire people with the truth. At times that can be a difficult thing to do. I’ve been homeless, and for a long time I suppressed the feelings connected to that time. I am so much freer being honest, because there is no better

feeling than being able to mentor and coach women truthfully.
Felecia: Yes, transparency is the key to everything. The best thing to know is yourself.

What is womanhood to you?
Womanhood is grace, beauty, and strength. It is one of the greatest powers God has ever created.
Earlene: Women are God’s greatest creation. We are the pro-creators of the universe. A man isn’t what he can be without his mate. We are the emotional protector of the family.
Felecia: I love everything the ladies have said. WE are magical, the seeds of the earth.

What do you see in the future for Closet Chats?
Earlene: We want it to be a worldwide platform, and for it to be an empowering safe place for women.

Keep up with the ladies on social media @closetchats and catch up on the latest episodes on Facebook by searching Closet Chats.

Written by: Kirby Carroll Wright @askKirbyCarroll