How I’m Flipping F.E.A.R to Win

Dear Fear,  

It’s a useless ball of emotion. It gets you all confused, makes mountains out of molehills, and if you allow it; it will suffocate the courage we all have within us. As a child I never knew what fear I got older, I realized fear is taught to you, whether it’s for your own protection (I.e. don’t talk to strangers) or hopefully to deter you from doing something irresponsible. However, nothing comes from being fearful but wasted time. A time that can be better spent actually doing something...anything that fulfills your dreams. It took a lot of years, and a few missteps to fully understand the major role I held in limiting my own success due to fear. Fear of where do I start to fulfill this dream?  Should I go back to school for this passion? I had those same questions and a lot more! Like where are the coins coming from...because every dream needs capital! Finally, the most pressing question we often like to overlook but the “What will people say/think about me?  

All valid questions, but I remember sitting in my living room after having auditioned to be an additional co-host on a new podcast show which I didn’t get and having my sisters ask me “What do you want to do? Of course, I was bummed because I didn’t get the job but I was more upset because I felt like a failure for not getting the job! That was mistake number 1! I succeeded because I stepped out on faith and went for it! I succeeded because in that brief moment I didn’t care what people thought or told me, I just went for it! That was one the purest moment of my life because I chose NOT to listen to people who have never seen being (place dream here) done until I do it! Once I had that feeling, it lit a fire under me. It made me want to pursue other opportunities in industries I was passionate about but knew nothing.  I was fortunate to study and shadowed successful people and learn invaluable skills. 

I have always LOVE to write, poems mostly but anything generally. I majored in Journalism while in college, but never knew what avenue I wanted to take. So, I remember going on a job board and started looking at writing jobs. I got my first one with a charity website and immediately jobs started rolling in from LA to NY! I had writings on the innerwebs and in print! I practice my craft daily; I strive to learn something new in my industry and beyond daily. That was 5 years ago when I decided I was going to kick fear and Face Everything and Rise.   

Fear has a way of limiting your potential, and keeping you stuck...especially in your head “Is this the right move”? “Should I do that”? Is experience better than education? Funny thing is I didn't have to choose! I'm constantly learning from successful people in many industries daily!  At the end of the day, I create my own lane picking up helpful mentors and passing on what I’ve learned in the writing game and elsewhere. I’ve come to realize fear likes lack of communication, it lives in lack of knowledge, that’s where fear hibernates but courage dwells in learning, in planning, being mindful of missteps and being appreciative of them, and through experience. I face F.E.A.R with faith. (plays Mary I Survived) 

Penned by Mena Jarrett  

IG: lilli_savage