Cree Davis: Creative & Divine

Cree Davis is known as a triple threat. She is an actress, singer and philanthropist. “The true me is a giver and a lover,” says Davis. She is an Alabama native who describes herself as an Alabama girl to the core. Cree attended Alabama State University and completed her studies in business administration at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA and film acting in Berlin, Germany. She enjoys giving to others, sharing her talents and traveling the world. Cree uses her talent to create a platform to help improve communities and encourage people to love on all levels. Follow the movement she birthed titled, “The Unconditional Love Movement.” She states, “This movement is to encourage people to love themselves unconditionally and then share that same love with others.” 

Cree’s first love was singing and her mom put her in the choir stand at the age of five. She has memories of singing “It is for me.” She began training with her mom who is a performing arts teacher. Both of her parents were in a musical group called The Escapades and she traveled with them. She says she was born into it. It’s part of the fabric of her being and almost as if she didn’t have a choice. Cree sang first and then acting came later. Acting became a favorite and passion of hers. Her mom wrote plays for church, theatres and community centers which Cree took parts in. Cree’s mom also has a performing arts company called Psalmody Performing Arts Company. 

Cree actually means “creative divine her” which describes her perfectly. She is trained in classical music and also writes R&B music. She can also add dancer to her resume as she is trained in ballet, jazz, hip hop and modern dance. Cree has also done aerial fabric silk dance in her video “Like You.” 

Davis is most recently known for her role as the iconic Janet Jackson in The Bobby Brown Story. In order to prepare for the role, Cree did a lot of research on Janet. She watched interviews, music videos and picked up on nuances to mimic her. “I had to make her real for me so it was real on screen.” 

As a philanthropist, Cree most recently partnered with Youth Challenge and title sponsor Toyota North America and held an event called Dreaming Out Loud (STEAM). The event was a surprise field trip for 600 under deserved youth in Atlanta public schools for grades 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th. The event introduced kids to careers in science, technology, art and math (STEAM). Mayor Keisha Bottoms spoke as well as a team of panelists which included Ludacris and Michael B. Jordan. Cree wanted students to know that there is greatness and power within them, to know that hard work and staying in school can change your environment. 

Cree is currently studying and preparing for several roles on television and in film. She has her first EP album “Love Levels” being released in a few weeks. It will be streamed everywhere including YouTube, Spotify, ITunes, and Apple Music.

By: Niah Lilly