Coach Slym:Relationships equal Work, Communication and Coaching

From friendships, relationships and companionships, relationship Coach Slym talks about her passion as a writer and coach to relationships of all sorts. After writing her book Friendships, Relationships and Companionships, Coach Slym knows that her work is more vital than ever in a generation that she feels needs communication, help and guidance.

Tell me more about Mindful Mizfitz? What is the main concept?

My concept is that in today’s generation there are a lot of things that need to be said or addressed. People talk about things amongst themselves, but they never bring it up as an issue because they are scared or they go on social media with the problem and get hundreds of comments from people they don’t know who bash them. People generally have a closed mindset because they hang around like minded people. I created this concept so that people can take a way different mindsets from various issues. I created this so that we can be more open as a people and understand each other more. As a people we bash each other too much. People typically don’t encourage themselves to get different views or be around different people. My goal is to start doing workshops this March 2019. These will be small groups of men and women and the topics will come from my book “Friendships, Relationships, and Companionships”. In these small groups, I want people to be vulnerable and be heard.

What inspired the writer in you?

My friends and I are 3 very different women, but were very alike as well. We bounce ideas off of one another all the time. I always found myself complaining about others and their relationships. I’ve always been a person that was honest and “tell it like it is” (laughs). I would always scroll social media or be in hair school and overhear people talking about problems in their relationships. They would ask advice from others and I’m like “why are you asking them”? I feel people expect people to read their minds and we don’t communicate enough to the actual person that hurt them. Whether it be a friendship or a relationship, it’s all the same. That in itself made me write the book because somebody had to say something. We have to learn to work together as a people for the love of humanity.

Being an author is challenging I’m sure. Tell me how you overcome the challenges of setting yourself apart from other authors.

The challenge I deal with is me challenging myself. I am in introvert, and it was a challenge in itself for me to put something out. Once I got over the fear of being in the public and getting to know people, it wasn’t that bad because you find people just like you. I started with people around me. Some people say that the people around you don’t support which is true but only in a monetary sense. But the insight and the feedback they give you when you’re practicing and bouncing ideas off them is a great support. You have to look at things like “not everyone is going to like it”. If I could just touch one or two people, I know I’m doing what I’m supposed to do.

Why is it important for you to coach relationships? Have you ever faced an adversity in a relationship before?

Oh yes, I was in a domestic violence relationship for 4 years. When you think of anything that could go wrong in a relationship, I’ve dealt with it. From cheating, babies, abuse and so much more. The greatest lesson from that situation was my daughter. I learned so much about myself in that relationship. I learned also that we as women put a lot on men. Of course he wasn’t a great guy, but we as women do a lot sometimes. We expect a lot from men and we forget to realize that men are very simple creatures. I learned that you have to be a human being first, and people don’t do that because they are focused on gender. I coach this in my sessions all the time. I can tell when a person isn’t in love with themselves when they leave my sessions.

When coaching a relationship, what’s the one thing you enjoy the most about it?

Watching the light bulb go off. When that bulb goes off we all win (laughs). It’s like now they get it. We are on the road to progression (laughs).

By: Jasmond Hatch