The Bobby DeBarge Story


On Tuesday, June 11, 2019, I had the pleasure of attending a very intimate and charismatically curated event. TV One hosted the exclusive premiere screening for The Bobby Debarge Story - which explores the tumultuous life of the leader of the 70’s band Switch and eldest sibling of the renowned pop group Debarge. Among the astoundingly notable guests in attendance were Hollywood favorites such as Teri J. Vaughn, Clifton Powell, Big Boi, Lisa Wu, Lloyd and more.


In the midst of the vibrant media frenzy, I had the opportunity to chat with one of the cast members to inquire about their experience on set. I asked R&B singer, Lloyd - who played the role of Switch’s founder, Gregory Williams - about his time and feelings on set of his first movie role. With the “Tru” singer being a father and former member of a singing group himself - He expressed that not only was he able to relate and comprehend the dynamics, but he found the overall storyline emotionally challenging as well. Lloyd expressed the significance of addressing and healing familial traumas, as well as the effects of it. No one and no family is exempt from experiencing misfortune and sufferance. Despite the DeBarge family being as polished and successful as they were, that didn’t leave them immune to reeling the effects of trauma, wrathfulness, and desolation. Being a father himself, the singer shared that it’s imperative to retain and maintain a healthy relationship with your children and family. We shared sentiments in that; deeply rooted and unhealed trauma and grief can be detrimental in a person’s ability to socially cohabitate, due to

them projecting harmful toxicity onto others as a result. He expressed the importance of not only rehabilitation but seeking healthy and positive “distractions” and coping mechanisms. Lloyd was humbly honest with me in sharing his nervousness from his first movie role portraying someone who was still living and present to critique. Well, safe to say - after watching the curly headed black boy on the big screen - not only did he make Gregory Williams proud, but every viewer and supporter as well. Hopefully, we’ll be hearing and seeing more from the multi-faceted father, singer, and now actor.


The entire ambiance was one of chicness and exclusivity. However, the personalities in the room and from the cast members were filled with merriment and benevolence. From selfies with Sydney Mitchell, calm conversations with Lloyd, and catching Blu Kimble’s angle on the red carpet - I had an amazing time covering the screening. The place was chic, the guest list was lit, and the movie was great. The movie aired on TV One June 29 - check your local listings for Showtime’s.

Written By: Jessica Payne @_gojessiigo