White Crowns and Black Male Magic

Tay Mitch  1.jpg

From luxury brims to exquisite liquor, from lifestyle cultivation and a cognoscente of marketing;

This creative genius emblematizes young black success, and his impeccable work ethic and

prominent influence continue to drive this narrative. We’re familiar with the stats and the story,

but now the people want to get to know the man behind the plan. So, who is Tay Mitch?

Upon commencement of the interview, I realized that I wasn’t simply speaking with your average

joe. His sense of humility quickly exhibited when asked what he wanted to come to the forefront

of people’s minds when they heard his name. Mitch simply stated that he wanted to be an

inspiration.Now most people would endorse the idea that one would take advantage of that

opportunity to self promote, but his answer was short, genuine and direct. However, when he

begin to speak about his team, he lit up. Mitch expressed the importance of the authentic and

unwavering (I’ve experienced this firsthand) support that his team and family provide for him.

He then begins to gush about his daughter and how she is the core of his inspiration and life.

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You see, it’s extremely imperative that when you encounter a positive influencer who, not only

possess a solid platform, but a solid mentality as well, you do your part in shedding light on their

brand. In light of recent tragic events such as the sudden loss of Nipsey Hussle, I asked how the

death of the philanthropist has effected him and his plans of progressions in his own personal

marathon. After respectfully taking a moment of silence, (Mitch) solemnly and thoughtfully

recognized Hussle for his astonishing attributes and how he’s played a part in his own realm of

motivational sources. We went on to discuss the magnitude of having someone who serves their

community and uses their platform to promote the advancement and overall wellness of the

culture. Mitch shared the importance for others to see someone who not only resembled them,

but shared a common background and provided proof and hope that you could accomplish your

goals by having a plan. He expresses that it’s key to design a thorough strategy before seeking

anything or anyone.

“A real hustler is someone who outworks everybody without even having to lift a finger.” As

Mitch went on to elaborate on the art of hustling, it was apparent that he was a visual

representation of knowledge being powerful. He literally uses what he knows to produce and

execute success stories. He expresses the significance of affirmation, knowledge and the courage

to go after your dreams. When I asked Mitch how he remained professional in his business

endeavors, he credits sources such as the book “The Four Agreements” by author Don Miguel

Ruiz in shaping his mindset.

So now that we’ve probed into the mind of the marketing maven, what is the lifestyle specialist

and cognac connoisseur currently up to? Well no worries in staying booked in busy. After a recent

trip to Hong Kong for the Global Business Summit, Mitch is now back in the states on the move.

He recently call directed his first Martell commercial with IYO Visual’s CEO and Creative Director,

Isaac “Chill” Yowman, for the new campaign series “Swift Situations.” A congrats was also in

order, as Mitch recently celebrated the two year anniversary of his luxury brim line Wearbrims,

which is inclusive of the limited edition line “Crown Blanco.” When Mitch isn’t admiring his

daughter or challenging people on 2K (taymitch_) he’s constantly vibing and creating. There’s so

much more in store that you don’t want to miss. So while you’re strolling through Wearbrim’s

website, sipping on a neat shot of Martell, make sure to follow him on Instagram @taymitch_ to

keep up with all things... well, Tay Mitch.

Written by: Jessica Payne