Selling Soles: The Nubein Shoes Co. Empire

The diversity among footwear in today’s world is one of the largest components known to man. Sandals, heels, sneakers, loafers, boots and even slippers are all apart of one of the most massive creations that benefit humans & lately even animals. As personalities and free will would have it, some people prefer one type over another in which case are often due to medical conditions, age, height or just plain the desire to be comfortable. According to photographic proof, the early centuries of human life show that the common footwear was a sandal type made by hand of whatever material could be found. However, in 1882 Jan Ernst Matzeliger, an inventor of Surinamese and Dutch descent, was best known for patenting the shoe lasting the machine, which made footwear more affordable. (Ref: Wikipedia) A huge step for footwear worldwide, shoes were also made to be more comfortable as well. The machine was also capable of bonding together materials that made for a much more pleasant shoe to wear and look good all at the same time! Matzeliger opened the door for the footwear industry to become one of the worlds leading profits of mass production as a necessity to human life.

Early this year (2019) Jaleel Mohamed 38 of Atlanta and business partner Tafari Watson 38 of Las Vegas walked right through the door of opportunity to begin selling a unique, stylish & affordable shoe brand with a quality material that is sure to withstand much activity! The Nubein Shoe Company empire is taking Atlanta & Las Vegas by storm in the upscale Urban communities & closets. The term Nubein, meaning black and believer, was merged with the purpose of building community wealth and inspiring Cultural unity in light of the chaos among European designers and known fashion corporations. With a family history of design in fashion, Tafari Watson is no stranger to style and the creativity it takes to make a product attractive. It’s a no brainer that the Nubein footwear is sketched & designed by its owners. In conjunction with the handcrafted Italian leather used, the brand also implemented a special touch for each pair of shoes as they are hand made! Nubein Shoes Co. stands tall on diversity & exclusivities! In other words, get them while they last! Each style is produced in a limited fashion & once they’re gone, it’s on to the next release. In true urban fashion though & as a club owner/promoter Jaleel Mohamed’s entertainment background & expertise is drawing in the crowd of upscale, urban stature. A perfect breeding ground for a stylish shoe to wear for a night out to mingle & two-step to a hip hop tune! But hold up, the chic fashion of the Nubein brand can be worn with a casual suit, fresh denim or a flirty skirt that twirls the dance floor all night long. Yea, you heard me right...UNISEX! Match your boo’s fly or set your own tone in the brand new Black Owned & Operated Shoe Line Nubein Shoes Co. For now, online is the way to access & purchase a fresh pair. The Nubein empire is on the rise. So, get used to the name. Black. Believer. Nubein.

Ref: @nubienshoes (Instagram) Website:

- Joschela Wilcox