Rip it real Good: the destroyed denim craze


It’s no surprise that just as everything in every realm of society comes full circle, so did the ripped denim phenomenon! From music styles to makeup trends, fashion is known for resurfacing & slamming back into full effect like it never left. Just like any other trend, this is the case with ripped denim. Only this go-round, the return from its hiatus has birthed more than just a few holes in the knees of jeans. The style has inserted itself into all articles of clothing for any shape, size, and gender! In recent years, the denim trend which is also commonly referred to as “destroyed” denim has made a stamp in the wardrobe realm as a permanent statement rather than one that fades with time. The saying “Fashion Fades” is non-applicable in the ripped denim pandemic.... it’s is here to stay! The destroyed manner of denim jeans was birthed among poor families in the earlier centuries who had little to no income and lived by the “hand me down” Code. The condition of the denim being worn at the knees and eventually torn apart or unraveled was frowned upon by the upperclassmen considering their economic state which allowed for newly sewn clothes when their clothes were grown out of or worn down. The holes separated more than just fabric. It was the difference between the classes of people that dwelled in the same cities and towns. While the wealthy family’s trash was the poor family’s treasure so many years ago, the destroyed denim craze is now one of the fashion world’s most diverse and highly demanding spectacles! Americans alone jeans can cost upwards of $300 in the U.S., but that’s only for premium lines that are stitched and, often, ripped, frayed or otherwise distressed for that oh-so-special look that says, Check me out! I just blew $300 on jeans with holes in them! But the average price paid for a pair of jeans in the U.S. is well under $50. According to a 2010 survey conducted by ShopSmart, women paid $34 per pair on average, and only 1 in 10 has blown $100 or more for a pair of jeans. In Luanda, Angola, however, a pair of jeans typically costs $177. Geneva is another pricey city for blue jeans, with the average pair running $153. Talk about Trash Vs Treasure! The point has been made and is a matter of fact. Destroyed denim has made its mark as a statement piece and is here to stay! New fashion designer Nichole Lynel and owner of NL the Label has branded the name based upon her uniquely destroyed denim jeans. The brand offers a diverse perspective on the style as each pair is customized to all widths and heights of the consumers that buy them. With the added spice of vintage jewels, chains & rhinestones, just to name a few, NL the Label has set the bar for destroyed denim designs & styles. What began as frown is now adored worldwide and has become a smile. Do it yourself. Buy them from a store. Or simply wait out the wear of your favorite jeans to get the desired look. It doesn’t matter how you obtain it, staple your wardrobe with some destroyed denim! spend roughly $14 billion a year on jeans! According to an article in Time Magazine, ,

By: Joschela Wilcox