Yebba does it again!

Yebba can be best known for her recent Grammy-winning duet with PJ Morton on the 2018 hit song, “How Deep is Your Love.” As well as other hits such as “No Peace,” with Sam Smith. “Smoke” with Luke Levenson. “Gravity” with Clark Beckham and more. She also releases two staple singles entitled, “My Mind” and “Evergreen.”

Now she is back with her latest single, “Where Do You Go.” Available now on iTunes or where ever music is digitally sold. This single was released at midnight, August 9th, 2019 with a heartfelt statement from the songstress that states,

Yebba SmithImage.jpg

“I wrote this song in my mom's childhood bedroom almost right after she passed. It’s the best I could do to tribute the women in my family that are still here. I’ll remember u forever ma.
Anyway, hope u enjoy.” - Via her Facebook and Instagram pages.

If you are a true Yebba fan then you already know how much Yebba loved, honored, and cherished her mother.

The single starts off with melodic sounds that instantly grab your attention. Followed by the music slowly progressing, ushering the listener into a very smooth, slightly funky, yet chill musical experience.

Yebba confidently inserts her unorthodox yet creative vocal runs. Seamlessly gliding over the beat as only she can.

You can feel her heart as she sings the lyrics “Where do you go when you go?” Later in the song switching the lyrics to, “where do I go when I go?”

It's an interesting song that allows you to drift into a place where the listener begins to think of life after death. However, knowing Yebba, the question arises is that what she is really referring too?

Go take a listen and enjoy!

Written by: Levi Harrell @LeviHarrell