The Flick of The List

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Most of us – at some point – have found ourselves making a list. Whether it be a list of goals, business plans, grocery list, or for my colorful beloveds; even a hit list. We curate standards and guidelines that we vow to commit to for the sake of our personal progression. Adjusting accordingly; while pursuing an itemized blueprint of what we believe will ensure a healthy and beneficial addition to our life, business, or a specific entity. You see, if and when we truly commit to it; there’s magic that takes place in the execution of said list. It’s the actual process of the pursuit that yields an amazing experience and an abundance of knowledge. Now imagine that list not only benefiting yourself but effecting others as well, in a positive way.

Imagine making a list of your dreams, then obtaining the help of others to accomplish them. Which in return affords them with an opportunity to exhibit their talents. Well, imagine no more because this young black Queen did just that. Not only did Kirby Wright Carroll execute one of her dreams by writing and executive

producing a hot series, but she solicited the help from other amazingly talented individuals to help bring her vision to life.

Publicist, Executive Producer, Writer, and dream chaser are just a few titles under Kirby’s belt. However, it’s imperative we highlight a special one; boss. I must say, the mantra of “If you want to go quickly, go alone - If you want to go far, go together” is an evidently applied mantra in Carroll’s life. With an extensive resume and a great deal of knowledge and experience in her field; I’d be remiss to not acknowledge the fact that the multi-talented creative could very well continue to pursue her goals independently and successfully as she has proven with the inclusion of positions with companies such as Cox Media Group and iHeart Media. The Clark Atlanta Alumni, however, decided to pursue another route. Due to her love, and obvious talent in film, as well as her longing to share stories and content through her own voice; AKC LLC was curated. Not only has Kirby’s Production and Entertainment company afforded her the opportunity to exhibit her talents and content with full creative control but it has allotted the same for others to have the opportunity to shine in their respected areas of expertise. With the blueprint currently being presented by Black Hollywood creators as “creating our own tables and then providing a seat to it” – it’s refreshing to witness its effects. You see, Carroll isn’t the sole genius we have to thank for the masterpiece. The entrepreneur extended the opportunity to a group of her fellow creatives to aid her in the execution of her hot new series, “Checking Off the List.”

Checking Off the List is a scripted web-series that follows Tiara Jennings, a woman with a very clear view of how her future life and relationship will look. However, when her best friend helps her realize she’s become a bit close-minded, she agrees to go on five blind dates. Through each encounter, she learns something new about societal expectations, millennial dating, and herself. Along with a smooth and entertainingly transition of dates – the series leaves you with an open mind and a slew of quirky remarks. As we all know; the dating scene can be a tumultuous affair that can leave us dazed and confused in a whirlwind of emotions. Therefore; we take the necessary precautions, and implement certain standards that we believe may prevent us from experiencing the foolery that we all know exist in the world of dating. However, what do you do when even those standards or that “list” you created failed to exempt you from experiencing a roller coaster of emotional encounters? There are even occasions where you encounter such foolishness, you

may wonder if you are literally the only person who deals with it. The good news is – if you choose to accept it that way, in the words of MJ “you are not alone.” For some reason we find comfort in knowing that there are others who share our sentiments in certain situations, therefore it was extremely refreshing to witness people who looked like me that experience what I have in this particular realm.

What I enjoyed the most about this quirky series is that is it extremely relatable. You find solace in knowing that in the midst of the storm we call dating; the silver lining is that not only are we not alone – we are able to share various perspectives on how to manage and maneuver throughout the process. The congenial script along with the amazingly talented cast and production crew provided an authentic perspective and experience. With prominent cast members such as Joe Amichia, Tyler Prynce, and Joslyn Y. Hall; it’s easy to naturally become engulfed in the highs and lows of the current culture of situationships. Prynce who plays the role of Tiara is all of us. Simply navigating throughout life while attempting to balance social, professional, and emotional stability. We apply mantras in our daily routine and thought process to ensure that we obtain beneficial associations and experiences. We tirelessly, yet adamantly pursue humans and all that comes with them in hopes of finding someone you like, and as we all know, it’s truly hard out here for a pimp. Then there’s Joslyn Hall who plays “Ashley” in the series. Ashley is the best friend that we need but may not truly be prepared to handle at all times. She is the best friend who will deliver the coldest dish of truth with a side of reality. She’s the friend who (because they genuinely care about you) will tell you what you need to hear whether you want to hear it or not. She’s not perfect, but her intentions are not malicious and she only wishes to help her friend avoid heartbreak and embarrassment. You see there are times when we are so consumed within a whirlwind of current feelings, we sometimes miss the reality of what is actually taking place. It’s refreshing to have a friend that wishes the best for us and only wants to provide the necessary advice to help avoid us from - as DJ Khaled would say – never playing ourselves. Ahh, and then there’s “Mr. reason for the list,” Steven; who is played by Joe Amichia. He’s smooth, smart, attractive and he’s your favorite trigger. We seem to be attracted to our guilty pleasures the most. We want what we can’t or shouldn’t have, and then we turn around and wallow in the consequences that we already knew were evident. Now I’m sure by now you are either wanting to witness someone else navigate through the madness of dating – or you are pleading your own case. Either way, you can definitely dig more into the

COTL series by binge-watching the episodes on Facebook and Youtube. So make your list, and check it twice so that you may see how none of it truly matters. Your experiences and encounters will all be different, and they will all yield various lessons in your life. I believe the list becomes not only a guide but a safety net as well. We believe the net will weed out anything that we may not like, or protect us from the intense tides. However, you can’t stop the wave. So while making a list may provide comfort against this thing called life; it will never exempt you from the effects of living it.

Written By: Jessica Payne @_gojessiigo