Talking Magic with The Prince of South Beach

Being on a hit show like Love and Hip Hop Miami is a major deal. With reality TV being a focus point in today’s society, being cast is everything! For Love and Hip Hop Miami star Prince, being a part of a major show has its perks and fame to come with it, but sometimes the negative flack that follows along can be irritating. All in all, Prince remains positive and puts his all into his brand and his future. Take a look. 

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Q: Being on of the hottest names in Miami, how did you feel being cast to a major network on a major show like LHHMIA? 

A: It was like wow Love and Hip Hop! Especially the way they reached out to me, which was in my DM. I was excited and I couldn’t believe that me of all people got selected. I’ve always known that I’d be on TV one day, I just didn’t know how. It was very exciting for me. It was lit (laughs)! The experience hasn’t been the experience I thought it would be. Choosing my words carefully, I’d say that the negativity that sometimes comes with it can be too much. I love being known and people seeing me and recognizing me; it’s great. It’s just the negative energy sometimes blows me. No matter, I’m always positive.

Q: With everything going on around you, what continues to drive you? How do you remain on course? 

A: I feel like I see my future. Everything that has happened for me in my life, I’ve spoken it into existence. I’ve always known I’d be doing big things. When I first got on the show people would say things about me because I would say that I could bring 250 girls to a club. It wasn’t me being arrogant, but as a promoter, it is big to be able to bring that many people into a space. It speaks volumes. Of course I have my days in where I feel down, and feel like “what’s next?” however, there are days where I’m so optimistic and I feel I can do anything. As you said, the positive always outweighs the negative. 

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Q: What inspired you to follow the career path you chose? 

A: Women (laughs)! Being in college I was around a lot of baddies. Like so many baddies! They would go to this club called Dream on Wednesday nights because nobody had class on Thursday mornings. I remember saying to myself that I had to be there. So the first time I went, I literally waited 2 hours outside and never got to go in. So initially, I wanted to become a promoter so I could get into the clubs for free and be around the girls from my school. At first, it wouldn’t happen and nothing would move for me, so I made it a mission to myself to become cool with the other promoters. I became friends with them and ended up being asked to be a host. Hosting actually turned out to be great for me. I’m a people person and I love to engage with people. It was a really fun experience. From there it was uphill. 

Q: Tell me more about your music? What inspired the single Majic? 

A: I want music to be the open door for me for everything else I am trying to do. As far as magic, the inspiration was Prince’s song “When Doves Cry.” When I first made the song, it sounded like trash (laughs). It seemed to not work at all, the melody, the cadences, nothing! Talking to Pleasure P, he shared good advice telling me to feel the music and put everything into it. So I imagined and dreamed and put my focus and emotion into it. I love the song and it’s great.

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Written by: Jasmond Hatch

Photos by: Malik Alrahim