Spotlight: Isaac “Chill Vibes” Yowman

Tell us about IO Visuals?

IYO Visuals is a full fledge video production company and agency, that works with different brands and public influences. We work with Adidas, Sony pictures, Tracy McGrady, and Microsoft, the list goes on.  

How did you become Tracy McGrady’s Brand Manager?

I had a relationship with Tracy through his brother Chance McGrady. They co-own a store, where I did work for his store, through IYO Visuals. We produced a commercial for the store called “Soul Lounge”, that I directed. He followed me on social media and saw some of the work I was doing. Then we sat down, and he presented a game plan of a list of projects he wanted to get accomplished. So, we came in and took his preliminary plan and turned it into a full fledge campaign. The idea was to help the masses see what he’s doing on a professional and visual level. He had a lot going on and it was vital for someone to come along, to showcase and capture it, and to share with his fans and supporters.

What advice do you have for upcoming producers and artist who are just entering the entertainment industry?

Stand out, the game is very saturated, with  people saying that they do it. I think as a new comer, you should stand out from a sound prospective. Rather it’s drums or whatever the case may be.  If you’re an artist, it’s how you lay your vocals or how you perform, just stand out at the end of the day. There doesn’t have to be a gimmick, just stay true to yourself. Staying true to yourself is really what standing out is about. A lot of people are trying to sound like everyone else. So, stay true to yourself and have something that will distinguish you from everybody else.

What’s in the works for the future?

I have a new store called “Frost Town,” in east downtown Houston and one in Sharpstown. Both locations have just opened and we’re doing pretty good. It’s a premium street wear boutique for men and women. I also have a release coming with Adidas, which I’m pretty excited about. 

How did the opportunity present itself for the Venom commercial through Sony and Marvel?

I worked with a production company in LA called Artifact Content. They gave me the opportunity on the Venom piece.  I wrote my treatment and put together a story board, then presented it to Sony Pictures and the rest is history. It wasn’t a smooth process, but it was a great project to work on and it gave me the opportunity to showcase my skills on a higher level. 

Tell us about the Grammy Nomination?

It was a few years back when working on the self-titled Beyoncé’s album. I had the chance to contribute on the song “Flawless”. It was a blessing working on that project, changed my life as a producer, engineer and song writer. 

Article by: Michelle Stewart

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