Renaissance man, nothing sums up rapper and Atlanta native Jawz of Life better. Not only is he a successful rapper with no plans of slowing down but he is also involved in different forms of entertainment. Affectionately known as “Worldwide Local,” Jawz Of Life paints masterpieces with his words, as he weaves tales from his life experiences and everyday occurrences into creative storytelling. He released his debut solo album, ”First Breath,” in 2001 and has been consistently making music ever since.  

He recently released his new album, “Hungry Kids Can’t Eat Moon Rocks”. The album is a tribute to his uncle Charles W. Cherry, Sr. As one of the state’s few African-American bail bondsman Cherry worked to get civil rights protestors Like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. released from Florida jails in the 1960s.  Cherry passed away in 2004 and after looking more into his life Jawz  thought an album would be the right time to continue his legacy. The album can be heard on his website  The EP features lead singles”Westside Rapper,” plus, the predictably viral, “Me Too (Yeah),” and feel good track, “Dreams To Reality.” 

Aside from his music he is also busy with his partnered business Bobbi Monroe Company. He’s currently working on a pilot episode for comedian Earthquake. He’s also passionate bout increasing health and fitness awareness with his Instagram campaign #atleast20 which highlights the importance of taking at least twenty minutes out of your day for physical activity. 

Whether it be music, television, or health you can be sure this modern day renaissance man is just getting started!


By: Dalvin Adams