PENNYWORTH at your service


Advancements in technology and the success of major superhero titles via movie screen or television have paved the way for a variety of stories to be told. Writers are no longer confined to the established and rigid borders of the most popular superhero plot lines. This era encourages and affords comic book scribes the ability to add nuance to what has existed around our caped favorites. Fans of popular culture are protective over the original trilogies, but most are also open to new narrative angles that unravel the mysteries within our mythologies.

Alfred Pennyworth serves as an ideal business case validating the need to highlight the supporting cast for these masked legends of justice. He has always been the loyal protector of Bruce Wayne and his crime-fighting alterego Batman. A critical piece of The Dark Knight’s elaborate infrastructure that provides wisdom and clarity while also ensuring Bruce had a pressed suit for his meeting the next morning. What events need to occur in someone’s life to make an individual remain steadfast over several decades to the well-being of a family legacy that isn’t their own? How does a butler have such a keen mind for combat strategies? These questions and many more origin details are unpacked in the new EPIX show Pennyworth.

I attended an advanced screening of this well-casted adventure that provides an exciting backstory on how this character became a devoted protector of the Wayne Empire and its offspring. The show features the brilliant talents of Jack Bannon, Ben Aldridge, Ryan Fletcher, Paloma Faith, Jason Flemyng, Emma Paetz, and many other seasoned actors. The series premiere on July 28th. Get the EPIX channel or the app and prepare for a fantastic ride!

By: Algernon Billups