New Artist Spotlight: Asia Star

Asia Star is a rising star on the hip hop scene. The Washington, DC native describes her music as sharing who she is as a person coupled with life experience. She grew up under the influence of many different genres such as hip hop, R&B, neo soul, contemporary Christian and go-go music which is homegrown in DC. Asia discovered she had a knack for writing songs and wanting to inspire which began her performing around age 18. As an artist she says she is definitely inspired by J Cole. “He knows how to make catchy and dope music, but still leaves you with a message.” She was also inspired by Lauryn Hill and Biggie Smalls growing up. Substance and content is what inspired her. “I’m a woman of inclusivity and good energy.”


Asia Star believes in staying true to herself as an artist. She has fans in Africa, Australia and is growing in the United States. She raps about life experiences, life struggles and is heavy into her faith. “No matter what you do if God isn’t in it, misery is inevitable.” Asia Star describes the market as overly sexed and overly saturated. But she wants to prove you can stay true to yourself as artist, have morals and stay in your own lane. The hip hop artist describes her music as similar in style to Chance the Rapper. She wants to bring balance and be an artist of substance. She even has a song where she discusses nearly overdosing twice. “I’m sharing my journey with the world,” says Asia Star.

Asia released a single, “Worth the Risk,” on August 11th which is taking over the independent artist scene. It’s on Tidal, Sound Cloud, iTunes, Spotify and a video on YouTube. She has an upcoming performances across the country. She has a mixtape dropping in early November.