It’s “Indigo” Season: Chris Brown is back again


Singer. Artist. Performer. Heartthrob. These are only four titles that describe the millennial legend that is Chris Brown. He’s back again and dropped his 9th studio album entitled “Indigo."

Brown came back earlier this year dropping singles such as “Undecided”, “Back to Love” and “No Guidance” with what was a surprising feature with Drake after what was a long and public feud between the two. The album features 32 songs, which isn’t as lengthy as Brown’s previous album “Heartbreak on a Full Moon” which featured 45 tracks. If you’re a long-time fan of Chris, the album can really give you vibes from his first self-titled album, “FAME” and “Graffiti”, which is exactly what Brown stated that he felt himself when thinking about the album.


I’ve had time to be able to listen to all 32 tracks and on behalf of Plastiq, I’m here to give you the truth about “Indigo." If I had to rate the album, I’d give it a solid 4/5. Like some albums, I have my go-to’s and my favorites and then I have my “skip tracks." I have a total of 8 that I can run back-to-back and am more than willing to listen to all day and all night.

Brown kicked off the album with “Indigo” the titular track and it’s first on the album as well which I think was a well-played move because it had me ready for more. The track is catchy, the beat is bumpin’ and it’s fun! You want to dance a little, you want to sing, you want to get into it. Following this stellar intro, you have “Back to Love” another favorite of mine. This track is what gives me “FAME” or “Graffiti” vibes. It’s a slow, meaningful track which displays some of Brown’s heart. It’s one of his deeper tracks that makes you feel his heart. Honestly, I love hearing and seeing him when he’s in that vein. Having your twerk tracks like “Wobble Up” and “Need a Stack” are cool, but it’s always good to hear Brown’s vocals and hear him display his true talent.

As any good album, Brown collaborated with an array of versatile artists such as the sexy vocals of Trey Songz, the smooth vocals of Tank, an ever-favorite collaboration of mine is Justin Bieber. I was so excited to hear a collaboration from the two of them again because of how they left me with “Next To You” from “FAME." Yet again, giving me all the throwbacks I never knew, needed and honestly didn’t know existed. Of course, you throw in some fun features such as Nicki Minaj, Lil Jon, Juvenile and Tory Lanez. Another favorite that I loved was his collaboration with Atlanta-native rapper Gunna on “Heat”. It’s a smooth, laid back song that displays a little of Brown’s raunchy, hood and cool side.

But the collaboration that topped all was the vocally buttery-smooth track he did with H.E.R. Talk about a song!! Their collaboration was one I truly didn’t know I need, but I would never be upset to hear it again. Their song “Come Together” gives you the top down on a


Friday night cruising with my boo type feels. I appreciate that song so much. It also gives you a cool 90s vibe almost, too. Honestly, it just gives me all the feels and I run it back again and again.

Brown had 4 two-part songs which I think was a little much for the album, but out of all of them, “Trust Issues/Act In” and “BP/No Judgement” would have to be my favorites. I like these because it’s two more tracks where he truly displayed his vocal abilities. Sometimes, I feel like Brown doesn’t want to sing but just wants to give us something to listen to. I love to hear his heart, his vocal ability because it’s so broad (falsettos and lower register both on point!)

Overall, Indigo is truly a work of art, it’s versatile and it’s fresh, however with the 32 tracks I feel like he’s giving us a work of quantity rather than quality. I feel like Brown is attempting to give what fans have been asking for which is vibes of his older albums, so it’s a step in the right direction, just need to work on the quantity. If you’re a Chris Brown superfan, then you’ve listened already and you’ve probably made your own conclusion and you may agree with me, you may not, but if you’re not, I encourage you to take a listen and just enjoy it! As always, Chris didn’t disappoint and left some bangers, something you’re sure to love.

by Nia I. Williams