Artist DeP Discusses Entertainment and Elevation

Donald Paige, better known by his stage name DeP (pronounced Deep) has been in and around music for a long time with many of his family members being a part of the Southeast Inspirational Choir. The legendary choir has catapulted the careers of Yolanda Adams, Greg Curtis, and many others. It’s no wonder he gravitated towards life in entertainment. DeP joined the R&B group Signature around the mid-2000s and found success with the song “Get It In”. After his departure from the group, he dropped his first EP “For Me” in 2005. By 2008 he released “Something More” an insanely melodic, neo-soul tune that boasts comparison to one of his influences Tank. 

Fast forward, to his current project Edibles and Elevation which he says “I’m talking about something that’s a very sexy conversation, but the elevation part is elevating your mindset.” The project came at a time when the entertainer was seeming to be falling out of love with music. “I was falling out love with music because I wasn’t creating music that I loved, but I brought it back with Edibles and Elevation.” The project came after having a 420 session where the artist says “I loved the conversations that my peers and I were having.” “I loved the outlook that I had, and for the first time, I could stop the business approach to my creativity.”  

More than an entertainer, DeP is set to expand his talents further with his acting pursuits. The Indie short film “This Side Up, the story of Henry Brown” allowed the actor to grow.  The film tells the story of Henry Box Brown and his incredible journey to freedom from Virginia to Philadelphia after he’s separated from his family, who are sold to slaveholders in North Carolina. “It was a journey of a lifetime, I connected with this role, and it added diversity to my repertoire’.” “It was a step in a different direction that I needed in the acting world, it was a great experience.”

DeP is passionate about all facets of the entertainment industry and willing to extend his knowledge and expertise with his business ventures. He is the driving force behind Think DeP Entertainment (TDE), which is a full-service creative development agency. The company specializes in monetizing creative concepts with a multitude of services which include Artist Development, Social Media, Branding, Production and so much more.

The entrepreneur is working on a future tour for the Edibles and Elevation project. His book “Fall Back to Step Up: Things to Fall Back from in Order to Step Up Your Life” will be released this year. The inspirational book is geared toward people who “want to take it to the next level, it’s for people who want any type of growth in any area of their life.” 

DeP is definitely breaking social norms and allowing the ascent of one’s own thinking. Asking his audience to question thoughts and ideas and not to aimlessly be feed entertainment that has no nutritional value. 

Seeking to enlighten himself and others through his music and business endeavors by creating a wave all his own. “Let’s diversify what we are giving to the world. Let’s diversify our roles, our songs, and what we allow to go viral. “

The consummate professional he is continuously perfecting his craft and educating others through his music, acting roles, and his entertainment company. “We are doing some amazing things, and I shouldn’t have to pass by 300 posts of foolishness to see it.”

With a busy year ahead DeP is creating his own wave “I want to make sure my music connects with people on different levels whether that’s through my vocal abilities, the production, or my lyrics.”  

You can instantly tell why his name is DeP, his infectious spirit is contagious all the while dropping deep thoughts along the way to enlighten you and make you groove. Not one for compromising his values DeP says you can be commercially successful and real. It’s not one or the other, you can have both. He has chosen to lead by example.

By: Carmena Jarret