Santia Deck: Royalty, Rugby & Resilience

” I Believe In The Impossible Because No One Else Does.” – Florence Griffith Joyner

Recently I had the pleasure of sitting down and speaking with entrepreneur, Santia Deck. Santia is a determined young athlete looking to create something bigger than herself. She’s deeply rooted in her faith, down to earth, and ready to take on new challenges at every turn.

At an early age she was diagnosed with scoliosis, an abnormal curvature of the human spine that in some cases causes heart and lung damage. There are times when the condition can ensure the limitation of playing contact sports like rugby and flag football.

However through motivation and a strong support system, Santia has overcome the odds. She holds many titles such as: CEO of “Queen Of Abs,” fitness professional, published author, public speaker, football athlete, TV host, and 2020 Olympic Rugby Team hopeful. She seems to be a woman with the master plan on the fast track to super stardom. Grounded steeply in her faith, motivated by family, and competitive by nature, she’s destined to be a household name for years to come.

Take a few moments to check out our conversation below.

Q: Where Are You Originally From

I was born and raised in Greenville, South Carolina, and later moved to Houston, TX to further my education at Texas A&M (Huntsville). After my collegiate career ended I moved to Atlanta, GA.


Q: After graduating college, what prompted your move to Atlanta?

I just felt like Atlanta would be a much better market to launch my professional career in fitness, and build onto my brand “Queen Of Abs.”

Q: How did the “Queen Of Abs” brand come to fruition?

Funny story, so the name was originally slated to be “Princess Of Abs.” However, after consulting with my manager who also happens to be my mother and biggest supporter, we decided against it. Why would I be the princess of something that I am so good at, when I could be the queen of it? Thus the moniker “Queen Of Abs” was birthed.

Q: Share With Us How You Got Started With Your Career In Rugby & Flag Football?

Since I was a small child growing up with two brothers that also played the running back position, I guess you could say that the love for playing football has been in my blood. Fast forward, after transitioning from the LFL (Legends Football League) due to natural growth & progression I’ve found a new passion in rugby.

Q: Describe your normal training regimen.

My training regimen is crazy, and I have a very rigorous schedule. I train in upwards of 2 hours splitting time with my weight training coach and my strength/agility coach in a no nonsense, results driven testosterone heavy environment.

Q: Being that you are on the quest to contend in the 2020 Olympics, there must’ve been an Olympian (past or present) that you admired.

My favorite Olympian by far has to be Florence Joyner Griffin otherwise known as “Flo Jo.” I fell in love with the fact that she was not only able to dominate in my beloved sport of track & field but she maintained her femininity, and was incredibly fashionable while doing so. Like me, she was an athletic force to be reckoned with.

Q: Over the years, what has kept you motivated and pushing to the next level?

Honestly, the strong family support I get from my mom who is also my manager, she’s my biggest fan. Her support has been insurmountable, she continues to be a pillar of strength and imprints in me the value of hard work, ethics, and an incredible sense of faith in God.

Q: Tell us more about your experience with being the host of your own TV show.

Having my own talk show was such a fulfilling experience that allowed me to share my expertise with people in the fitness industry. Having the ability to share ideas and converse with leaders in the fitness industry was life changing.

Q: When/Where Does The Show Air?

The showed aired in the Midwest area market and currently airs in syndication. It can be found through the OnDemand channels under the fitness category.

Q: Share with us about your book – what is the title, subject matter and where our readers can pick up a copy.

My book is called “The Struggle.” It highlights the struggle of children that deal with abuse on a day to day basis whether it be in the home or dealing with bullying in school. When I was a sophomore in high school, I was gifted with the art of storytelling, so my book is loosely based on real life experiences. In addition, with my early diagnosis of scoliosis, I feel like my book empowers the youth with the idea that anything you set your mind to is possible with faith, determination, and hard work. Anyone interested can get a copy online at

Q: In conclusion, I’m sure you can be reached on all social media platforms. Tell us the impact that social media has had on your career in the fitness industry.


It all started with a simple post about fitness that received a huge amount of positive feedback i.e “likes.” I was initially surprised by the overwhelming response and love, so I decided to start posting more videos on all my media platforms (Twitter/Facebook/Instagram). This included my workouts, flag football, and my fitness modeling photos.

After discussing the vast response of her following with her manager, Santia started to brainstorm the possibilities of branding and career acceleration via social media. The rest is HER-story! You can find out more about Santia Deck’ journey and fitness routines via her website or on social media @trackbaby001.

Written by: Daren Jackson  

Photography: Nathan Pearcy @npearcypics

Creative Director: Darius Voncel @dariusvoncel

Makeup Artist: CJ Taylor @cjtaylor_mua

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