Over the last couple of years, millions of people have watched as the life of Mimi Faust unfolded through the lens of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta; at least what they thought was her life. However, the truth is Mimi’s life encompasses much more than any one-hour weekly show can capture. She’s endured eight seasons of reality television and rendered herself vulnerable to audiences, supporters, and critics; surprisingly still standing and ever resilient. Whether you refer to her as a reality star, a mother, or a businesswoman, she’s simultaneously tackled all of these titles; excelling every time in the face of adversity.

When the world first met Mimi back in 2012, she was depicted as a woman in a complicated relationship with her daughter’s father. In truth, that storyline was only a small fraction of her life and yet it expanded to become the entire depiction of her existence; at least on television. “Love & Hip Hip doesn’t exactly document what’s really going on. They give their version of it,” says Mimi as she explains how the show isn’t exactly reality. It’s especially not her reality.

Mimi’s reality is the long journey that she’s taken to get to where she is today. For her, that includes overcoming obstacles and issues since childhood. Some of which include being abandoned by her mother, facing homelessness at a young age, surviving domestic violence, and being betrayed by infidelity. Also, like all human beings, she’s made mistakes, but she’s chosen to learn from every last one of them. All the while, turning her missteps through life into lessons that will help make her a better woman tomorrow.

“My biggest lesson would be to love yourself. Had I loved myself and had higher self-esteem I would not have been so deep in the situation that I was in. That would be the thing that I would teach my daughter. If you love yourself first, there really isn’t much room for someone to come in and do as much damage as some did in my life.”


It is Mimi’s choice to be the woman that she is today, which means that she’s taken all the negative baggage from her past and turned them into building blocks. As she stands before the world on a platform, Mimi now has a stable foundation to that she can build upon. This allows her to strive to be the best version of herself without forgetting her morals, values, and self-esteem.

Another choice she’s made is to take her life lessons and turn them into wisdom that she can pass on to her daughter Eva. Mimi expresses, “I really want to teach my daughter to be a good person, make good choices, and instill in her to not make the mistakes that I have made. If I can do that then, in my opinion, I have been a good mom.” While it’s imperative that mothers teach their daughters how to be women, it’s also important for every parent to raise their children with good values and morals.


Though Mimi’s role as a mother is a major part of her life that she takes extremely seriously, she’s also a business owner. Viewers may have noticed that within recent years, a lot of Mimi’s cast members have decided to take a dip into the entrepreneurial pool and pursue business ventures outside of music. While some were profitable and others flopped, most people forget that Mimi was the first member of the Atlanta franchise to have her own business.

Mimi is the owner of Keep It Clean Cleaning Service, a small business that provides residential and commercial cleaning. “I really want to expand Keep It Clean, it’s just really hard with my schedule with Love & Hip Hop,” says Mimi. She goes on to explain, “I’m kind of on call with them every day. It’s really hard for me to do other things.” However, despite the challenges of expanding her first business she’s managed to create others.

One of her other ventures includes an optical line. She expresses, “I started it because I really wear glasses. I really need them and I wanted to come out with something that I actually wear, and that actually affects my life.” Mimi also has a home decor line coming out as well; using her love for decorating and interior design as her inspiration to turn her hobby into a business.

 While we’ve discussed a couple of the different parts of Mimi that are known, there are entire aspects about her life that the public may never find out. In all honesty, that’s probably for the best Especially, if it allows her to have some type of privacy while in the public eye. What we do know is that as Mimi stands before the world today, she emits a glow of confidence that she never had before. She is stronger than yesterday and her beauty now radiates through her confidence. All of this to simply say, no matter what you thought you knew about Mimi Faust, you never even had a clue. It’s also nice to know that while the world knows her as Mimi, she’ll always have Oluremi (Mimi’s original name) for herself and her loved ones.

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