La La Milan: Young, Gifted & Shining


Over the last 5 years La La Milan has grown to become one of the most successful and leading comedic stars on social media! I personally have cried laughing many times at some of the skits that she has put together on Instagram. I have so many videos that I saved, but my favorite one is the Brandy/Monica parody. I have watched that at least 1000 times! Even though she is known for making us laugh as a comedian on social media, she is now taking leaps and bounds and crossing over to acting.

I asked the rising star, how did you make that transition from being a social media personality to landing roles as an actress? She replied “It’s been a long journey and a long time coming. It started when I decided to take my craft to the next level and take it more seriously! I knew that if I stayed in the same location and in the same state of mind, then I would not grow as an artist. It was a hard decision, but I decided to step out on faith and moved to California broaden my chances as well as making myself locally available for consideration for potential jobs.  I put my bags down and hit the ground running Hunny!”

La La stated, “I utilized the platform that I created from being on social media and started reaching out to producers and various other professionals that are in the industry. This is when I met my now manager and other individuals of influence.”

Dress by @sherielnevett

Dress by @sherielnevett

“I also started to attend the RIGHT kind of events and parties, and I was eventually blessed to start seeing responses and results.” La La dropped some knowledge when she made this next statement, “All parties and events are not profitable, and you need to make good judgement calls as to which ones you attend. Too many people attend events just to be seen, to be cute and go in with nothing and come out with even less Hunny.” Make sure that the events you choose to attend have purpose, movers and shakers, and good people to network with!

With hard work and prayer, the connection and the blessings started to happen for La La Milan. She landed an appearance on one of my favorite shows “Claws”, and did a great job. She is now working on a new show called “Boomerang.” It’s a show that is based off of the original movie “Boomerang” that originally aired in 1992. This show is a spin off and a continuation of the original cast that fast forwards to the present day dealing with the children of the original cast. La La will be playing the role of the friend/client of Eddie Murphy and Halle Berry’s daughter. She describes her character as a free spirited, woke, pro-woman, who also happens to be a vegan, and a lesbian!

I am looking forward to seeing the 1st episode of this show and can’t wait to watch La La Milan do her thing as an actress. The show is currently scheduled to air in February 2019, so stay tuned!

I asked the young, gifted and intelligent star on the rise a question! What does the next five years hold for you and where would you like to have accomplished?

“I definitely want to continue to perfect my craft and take professional acting classes. I want to hone in on the skills and the tools that is needed to be successful in this industry. I would like to see myself landing more acting roles on TV, movies, and doing stand-up comedy shows. I just see myself expanding my brand to the fullest extent and maximizing every opportunity. The sky is the limit, anything is possible, and dreams do come true! I am a living and breathing testimony that it is!” says La La.

By: Mike Green

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