Dianna Williams: Dancing Her Best Life


 Many viewers know Jackson, Mississippi native Dianna Williams as the tenacious dance coach for the Dancing Dolls on the Lifetime hit reality show Bring It! Her creative, intricate, and innovated dance routines have garnered her and her dance team major accolades in various age groups as well as developing the girls into successful business leaders and entrepreneurs.

    Having a passion for dance since an early age, William’s initial goal for the dance team was simply to create a troupe that impacted her community. “For me accomplishing a goal, my goal was to create a dance team that was going to impact the youth in my community, essentially it ended up impacting the world. I didn’t create it to be famous. I created the team to be effective. I wanted to do something for my community and it ended up being something for everybody.”

    While the Dancing Dolls are flourishing beyond what she could have ever dreamed possible; Williams says she has more in store. A new book series slated for release, Standing In The Shade is allowing Williams to stand in her truth. The trilogy will reference the different types of “shade” she’s experienced in her life. “Whether it was me standing in the shade, me living and owning the shade, or me turning negative shade into a success story,” she says.


    To add to her portfolio of accomplishments the entrepreneur has Dollhouse Academy, a non-profit organization geared towards providing workforce development, career services, and supplemental learning classes for disenfranchised youth. “Dollface Academy has so many different layers to it, so many different things that the non-profit organization is going to target. It’s reminding kids to reach for the stars.”

    Dollhouse Dance Factory is open to the public with locations in Jackson Mississippi, Birmingham Alabama, and Stone Mountain Georgia. The studio offers dance classes to children of all ages, sizes, and dance levels. “You don’t have to have dance experience to be apart of the dance studio.”

   Finding a work-life balance is challenging for Williams at times. “It’s a difficult balance, but my husband is a huge part of me being successful. Meeting her husband in 2007 the reality star says, “Having that huge family support system is truly a blessing for me.” While dating her husband, the reality star says he already knew how dedicated she was to the team. “He knew how important it was to me, how much energy I had already put into the Dancing Dolls.” It is that love and commitment that has helped the couple weather all of life’s storms. 

   She is very thankful for the beautiful relationship between her son and her father.  He just took a liking to my son and his involvement in his life became a daily thing. “Cobe is well supported by family and friends which I thank God for.” Having all this support is allowing the reality star to continue to pursue new opportunities and open new doors.

   Williams attributes a lot of her success to her faith and her fans. “It is important for me to keep God in everything I do. I try to make sure that I give God the glory every single day. Not to mention our amazing fans, who are gifts from God. There’s no way I could have accomplished any of my dreams without them,” she says. 


   With no signs of slowing down, the veteran choreographer and the Dancing Dolls are slated to conduct the DD4L Buck or Die Training Camp. A two-day training camp alongside the Atlanta Hawks Dance Team during the Thanksgiving holiday on Nov. 21-22. Having a lot going on is an understatement “I’ve been very blessed to have the opportunity to share my story, my talents without any judgments. I am more than just a dance coach or the persona you see on television. I’m a wife, a mom, and an entrepreneur. I am the epitome of the comeback kid.”

  With a birthday around the corner, Williams says she’s walking into the next chapter of her life ready for whatever God has next. “I feel like I can do anything.” With a humble heart, and a steadfast belief in impacting her community Dianna Williams is changing the world one dead drop at a time.