This Entrepreneur Went From Prison to Owner of a Six-Figure Beauty Empire

 Celebrity stylist Latoya Littles, or “Billionaire Barbie” as she’s known by the beauty community, is creator of the Billionaires Hair franchise. Through this company she sells custom wigs and virgin hair, hosts tutorials and events, and still makes time to style celebrities. As you may know there are plenty of hair stylists and companies using social media to gain clientele, and brand their business. However, Barbie’s unique skill and humble personality has blossomed from a simple idea, into a six figure business that provides amazing opportunities for herself and others. If you take a look at her Instagram you’ll see a life of glam, and a following of over 68,000 loyal supporters. However, her journey was not easy. A lot of time, finances, and work went into building what we see today. In this conversation we discussed her marketing strategy, struggles, and advice for upcoming entrepreneurs. 

Have you always wanted to be in beauty?

Tell me about your journey to Billionaires Hair. No I didn’t, I was in trouble before. I moved to Hawaii with my ex-husband, and noticed there wasn’t really a market there. He was in the military so I started selling hair on base. Later we moved to Virginia and I opened up a stand in McArthur Mall, and things have escalated from there. Today, I have my own store in Newport News, VA and we’re expanding in other places too. 

I’ve noticed there aren’t a lot of hair companies that advertise on television and radio. Yet, you’re one of the few that continue to do that. How have you made your business so profitable, and what made you want to advertise that way?

Why not? I’m a marketing major, and I believe in thinking outside the box. I keep business minded people around me, and I don’t want to do what everybody’s doing. To be profitable you have to find your avenue, for me it was the military back then. I invested in my product and brand, and of course people really like my signature style, the real scalp illusion. 

I’ve seen you promote classes that teach the Real Scalp Illusion. What made you want to share your technique with others?

When I was starting I had my ex-husband, best friend and mentor Ms. Pickney. I didn’t have a lot of help, so it comes natural to me to help others. I want us all to win. 

Has social media been helpful?

It scares me because I don’t own it! Social Media has been very helpful; 95% of my business comes from Instagram. 

Wow, that’s amazing. It seems like there’s been so many great things that have transpired for you. What’s the most difficult thing about owning a business? 

Finances and accounting without a doubt! Promotion, videos, the storefront, and events all cost money. Even hiring employees, that can be difficult too. It’s hard to find people who want to work, and have the drive. Some even get jealous, but it all pays off in the end.

I bet it does. What’s been your most memorable Billionaires Hair experience?

So many things, but definitely being on Basketball Wives. I didn’t even know it was gonna happen but God just allowed things to fall into place. Another time I was a guest at Puffy’s party, and I just remember thinking, “oh my God I’m at Puffy’s house, this is crazy.” Also working with Dreezy, Hip Hop Squares,Black Chyna, Teyana Taylor, Love and Hip Hop and more. I even was in VIP with Jay Z and Beyonce once, I tried to get video for ya’ll but I couldn’t! 

How did you make these moments happen? 

Jesus Christ made it happen. I used to be a stripper, was in the streets, and went to prison. I’m here now though. That’s another thing, I don’t try to be anyone but myself. I’m authentic in who I am, and people like that. I’m just thankful. 

If you could give advice to a future entrepreneur, what would you say?

I’d tell them to follow their dreams. Visualize, commit to a plan, remove toxic people from your life and then just go for it. 

If you’re interested in shopping the Billionaires hair collection visit We expect big things from Billionaire Barbie whether it’s in front of the camera, or styling talent behind the scenes. Keep up with her on Instagram @BillionairesHair.

Written by: Kirby Carroll Wright, MA 

Instagram: @askKirbyCarroll