Shawn Crenshaw: The Man Behind Ovation

Shawn Crenshaw, CEO and founder of Ovation for Men, is a trail blazer in the Black community. Ovation for Men is the first Black owned fragrance line for men. Crenshaw launched the line in 2016 and has sold over 1,000 bottles thus far. The line has shipped to Arabia, Brazil, Africa and most of the U.S. states.

The Detroit native has lived in Atlanta for 23 years and has always had an entrepreneur spirit but this has been his most passionate venture. Ovation for Men is geared toward Black men but not exclusive to Black men. It’s meant to be embraced by everyone. Crenshaw describes himself as an avid fragrance consumer who saw a void in the market which spoke to him. He didn’t see a fragrance represented for him as a consumer. “I was inspired by the void in the industry and I wanted a fragrance targeted towards African- American men.”


Ovation for Men is described as all the positive things about African-American men represented through the lens of a luxury fragrance. “I wanted to offer a different narrative through the beauty of a luxury fragrance. Ovation for Men is about positive branding, positive images and positive messages. Ovation is recognition and every man deserves that for positive contributions,” says Crenshaw.

Ovation for Men is the company’s only product as of now. The fragrance is an eau de perfume (EDP). This means that the fragrance consists of more essential oils than alcohol. The sent is a fresh, aromatic balance blend of bergamot, patchouli, aqua, citrus and cashmere wood. “It’s very versatile, intimate and inviting”.

Shawn Crenshaw is currently in negotiations with a major fragrance manufacturer. He is closing a deal on manufacturing the current fragrance with a company in New York. There are also plans to expand the line with a secondary fragrance for men and a women’s line in 2019. Shawn works along with his partners Cecil Cross and Fadelf Jackson to take over the men’s

fragrance market. Purchases can be made on and are sold at $85 for a 50ml bottle.

By: Niah Lilly