Colors that will help you “fall forward” 

As the trees begin to yield colors of ambers, reds, yellows and oranges why shouldn’t your makeup be as bold as these rich fall colors. Here is my complete guide to slaying my way into boot season.

Face: As it is getting colder most of us will get less sun; and what does that mean? Lighter skin. As much as we want to keep that bronzed summer look, it is time to pull out that lighter shade of foundation. Using your summer foundation in the fall/winter months may have your color off. If you are still wanting to feel bronzed during the holiday season simply sweep bronzer along the cheek bone, the jaw line, hair line and temple. This will give your look a sun kissed finish even when it’s cold outside!

Cheeks: BLUSH! What an awesome wait to maintain that summer glow. Choosing colors of peach, rose or even a deep mulberry will perfectly give the face that amazing summer flush.

Eyes: They say your eyes are the windows to the soul. This fall and holiday season playing up these fun fall and winter colors will definitely have you leaving your mark.

  •  Oranges, Ambers and Copper tones. Colors in the color family are warm and inviting. They allow the rage to leave them matte for a muted dynamic look or adding a shimmer for making the color vivid and metallic.

  • Chestnut, Mahogany and Expresso browns. Brown being a neutral color it fancies so many different eye colors. Give a sultry edge with a complete brown Smokey eye this season. You can use brown eyeshadows or eyeliners either or would complete the desired look.

Lips: Bold, Rich and Velvety colors are going to be trending this fall. Plums, wines, dark browns and egg plant colored lips will really take your look up a notch. Match a bold lip with a sexy boot and tight jeans and create a dynamic head turning fashion statement.

By: Jessica Ammons