Beauty Spotlight: Chernique Williams

Have you always envisioned owing your own company in Fragrance/Cosmetics?

Yes, Exactly. Ever since I was 16 I have always had a love for fragrances its self. That passion grew into buying and testing different fragrance brands from different companies. My obsession grew so much, I realized I was contributing to making all these company’s rich, then that’s when I decided to create my own fragrance. Then my next obsession grew into cosmetics, which progressed as well.

Have you ever created a fragrance or product that was symbolic of your life?

Yes, my very first fragrance self-debuted called Chernique. My signature fragrance, which is why I named it after myself. I would describe Chernique as sweet and flirty, that is definitely me. Chernique is that fragrance that will make you turn your head and think to yourself and say “oooo I like her.” What is that? It’s draws you in, it’s such a unique scent. It’s attention grabbing, it’s soft, sexy, sweet, it’s me.

What advice do you have for young women who are out to follow their dreams in the Cosmetic/Fragrance world?

I would say follow your dreams and start small and dream big. Also, never let fear get in the way. There will be many times that fear will arrive, you just have to breathe and tell yourself I got this, I can do all things. My own personal motto is “live your life with no regrets”. I live my life with no regrets, if there is something I want to do, I do it! So, I would say don’t let anything stop you; don’t let money deter you from your dreams. Find away, even if you have to start small, it will build, and the money will come. Always keep God first. If God gives you the vision, he will provide provision.

What made you not just want to cater to women, but men as well?

When I initially launched Chernique, I did a lot of shows and events. I found that men would approach me and ask do you have something for us? I would always reply not yet, but I’m working on it. So, the thought of a men fragrance was there, but then I said ok, this is something I have to follow up with.

How would you describe the fragrance for men?

So, the follow up fragrance I AM the men fragrance is my son’s initials, and the first fragrance was Chernique, if you put them together it stands for I am Chernique. The second fragrance for men is sensual, irresistible, and alluring, it’s a man’s go to fragrance.

What does Chernique the brand stand for?

Chernique itself is a unique name, which is why I wanted to use that. My tag line is unapologetically beautiful. Which means, you are who you are. What you get is what you get. I kept my name on the products, because I didn’t want it to prevent me from going as far as I could have gone. I didn’t want it to be attached to a label of it being just an urban product. I wanted to send the message, the products are for everyone; reach every demographic and every woman to feel unapologetically beautiful this is me.

Will there be any other products that will be added to the Chernique brand in the future?

Well I just launched my Chernique Cosmetic line during the summer at the Essence Festival. I’m taking it day by day, to see how the public responds to it. So far, I have had an over whelming positive response, to everything that is Chernique. I’m considering bringing out a hand bag line next. Also, at some point maybe a sunglasses line. I’m just trying to live my life with no regrets.

How do you juggle your business life and your personal life?

Well it’s very challenging, I wear a lot of hats. I have a day job as a Psycho Therapist, which is another passion of mine. Once I leave that job I’m full time with Chernique, which never ends. You have to compartmentalize and say ok this is the time I’m setting aside for the business. My goal is to have generational wealth, a legacy; something I can leave for my children. My goal is not to continue to work for someone else; until I turn 62 and retire, it’s to work for me. In order for me to fulfil those dreams I have to wear all those hats.


What’s up next for Chernique the person?

Well I love to travel! I’m going to Vegas for my birthday in February for the first time. I always enjoy doing something on a large scale for my birthday. Normally I’m on an island but decided to stay in the states to celebrate this year.

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By: Michelle Stewart